How To Prep Your Groom | 10 Details for Your Groom to Have

Most brides spend a few weeks gathering all of their beautiful wedding details including everything from rings, vows, perfume, special jewelry and even their something blue! However, I can almost guarantee that most grooms don’t even think twice about having a wedding morning details bag! I can’t tell you how many times I have walked into a grooms getting ready space the morning of their wedding and they look at me and say, “I didn’t know a photographer was coming to my room, ummm what would you like to photograph?!” As they anxiously start pacing around the room searching for items for me to photograph, I gently remind them not to stress and that I am there to help! In order to help alleviate these moments for grooms, I put together a quick guide on the top 10 things for your groom to have ready in order to be prepared for when their photographer arrives!

  1. Shoes

2. Bowtie/Tie

3. Cuff Links

4. Watch

5. Vows

6. Cologne

7. Fun Socks

8. Gift from Bride

9. Gift from Parents

10. Alcohol

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